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Electrolux ErgoSpace Green


Electrolux, always a step ahead of the game, remains at the top of the vacuum cleaner industry with their constant evaluation of the world they help to clean. Contemporary vacuum users are, as usual, concerned with the cleanliness of their homes, but also with the world outside their homes. The vacuum cleaner industry has seen a shift toward the design of environmentally-friendly machines, and the Electrolux ErgoSpace Green EL4101 is no stranger to this sentiment. Previously the EL6984, a member of the Ultrasilencer canister vacuum series, the ErgoSpace Green is the new and improved version of this already-popular model!

Built specifically for cleaning hardwood floors, tiles, and low-pile carpets, the Electrolux ErgoSpace Green uses HEPA filtration and keeps vacuuming volume to a minimum with state-of-the-art noise reduction technology, a staple of all Electrolux vacuums these days. If you already own an Electrolux Oxygen series vacuum cleaner (which unofficially includes the Ultrasilencer, Ergospace, JetMaxx, and other sub-series), then you don't even need to get new bags; the ErgoSpace Green takes Electrolux Style S bags, just like all the other canisters released since the transformation of the style of Electrolux canister vacuums, initiated by the earlier Oxygens.

Fortunately for any vacuum users interested in helping the environment AND keeping your floors clean and your air well-filtered, the ErgoSpace Green is inexpensive despite its durable and powerful design and is available for sale from authorized Electrolux dealers!

Electrolux ErgoSpace Green EL4101A, one of the world's best green vacuums!